India Seashell Museum
The Journey to Apply Guinness World Record
March 08, 2021

India Seashell Museum started in the year 2013. It was the India’s First and the Asia’s LargestSeashell Museum.

India Seashell Museum is a personal initiative and vision of Mr. Raja Mohammed.

THis passion for shells and extensive knowledge in the field, along with 40 years of untiring efforts and hard work bore fruit in the form of India’s first ever seashell museum of this magnitude. This opens a vista for the public as well as enthusiasts to experience first-hand, an amazing and rare private collection of seashells and other Molluscs.

“ Devoting 40 years of his life and his hard-earned money to this zeal has brought him unprecedented fame and recognition. There was a glow of eternal happiness in his eyes as he stated, With the financial support of my maternal uncle, I have been successful in accumulating Seashells from small to large and from the ordinary to the exotic. My collection is from all parts of the world. I had to part with plots of family land to make long-held dream a reality. That established an exclusive Seashell Museum.”

Born as a second in his family of four in Rameshwaram, a famous coastal town of Tamil Nadu, he loved taking a stroll on the beach along the edges of the water. His hunt for Seashell was propelled by those walks. When his peer group enjoyed the waves, he was busy collecting shells in the sand. His initial hobby grew into a much loved passion right from his teenage. His obsession became a full-fledged shell seeking spree due to the diversity and miraculous creation of shells and the incomparable identity of the collection.

K. Raja Mohamed also had a vision to open an International Shell Museum and he have also accumulated similar count of shells for the same and he is still passion about collecting the shells. His love towards the shells in unbelievable.